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Beijing 2018, book 2021

soft garden

mist is one of the most fascinating phenomena in the landscape. it turns everything soft and makes the landscape seem endless.

soft garden is made of this experience: the centre of the garden is an artificial fog. repeating geometric earth mounds define an artificial landscape. the mounds are covered with Prairie Smoke and Lovers-in-the-Mist. pink and white Smoke trees surround the fog. small white pebble paths invite you to get to the fog, zigzagging your way in between the earth mounds. there is no route, there is no beginning, no end.

just a soft garden.

jardins de métis / reford gardens garden festival 2013 _ quebec canada

…don’t tell anyone

in a very near future half of world’s population will be living in a metropolis. in these metropoli the idea of private space will be relative, the concept of a ‘secret’ garden an illusion for most of us.

still people will wish to escape from everyday life once in a while. nature and landscape keep offering this possibility. by putting a chair in the shadow of an old tree, on the banks of a river or in front of an awesome view, it will (temporarily) turn into a private garden.

not only do we share the desire for a quiet place, a place where to feel one with nature, we will have to share these spaces themselves as well.

jardins de métis / reford gardens gardenfestival 2011 _ quebec canada